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I wanted to share that I have had partnerships totalling over $20k and my confidence is through the roof!! Because of the paid partnerships, I've been able to do lower cost promos for super small businesses (which is a passion of mine).
Content Creator & Business Coach
Once you have a plan and strategy in place, pitching brands gets easier every time! I just got a second partnership with one of my favorite brands and doubled my offer to $3000.
Creator & Home Renovator
Since joining earlier this year implementing everything Gwen Lane teaches. $8k from a bigger brand and $2k plus another $1k from smaller brands. That's a total of $11k. Glad I made the decision to join!
Creator & Money Coach
Today I confirmed a $13k partnership with the biggest brand in my niche and they are paying what I quoted in my premium packages!
Creator & Homesteader

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